Frequently Asked Question

Why do we need upgrade to FTM 2019 ?
If you haven’t use the feature to connect Family Tree Maker to through FTM 2017, then you have to upgrade it to Family Tree Maker 2019 as Mackiev has already stop the sync of FTM 2014 and the older version.

Does the new FTM 2019 software supports older version back up file?                                        Yes however it also depends on what particular FTM version you have. New FTM versions support older versions backup files. You can simply restore them choosing Restore from the File menu. However you should definitely try for some careful syncing, compact first and make a full backup (File>Backup). Then if you get a sync failure, just restore your backup and don’t sync again until the weather’s back to green.

Does FTM 2019 support GEDCOM files?
Yes Family Tree Maker 2019 supports GEDCOM files. FTM database can be converted into a GEDCOM file by using the FTM program to export in GEDCOM format. You can also restore the backup file and export a GEDCOM file yourself and also you could follow the process of exporting a GEDCOM remotely.

 Does a Family Tree Maker 2019 upgrade necessary?                                                              If you haven’t use the feature to connect Family Tree Maker to Ancestry family tree maker through FTM 2017, then you have to upgrade it to Family Tree Maker 2019 as Mackiev has already stopped the sync of FTM 2014 and the older version.

Is there any free trial available before buying the Family Tree Maker 2019 Software?            Yes, The download of 30-day free trial is available for the software before purchasing it, you may create a new project and import your data into it.

What is the cost of the Family tree maker 2019?                                                                             The actual cost depends upon the additional services which a user purchases or opts along with the  FTM 2019 Software program

Are there discounts available for existing customers of the family tree maker?                        Yes, discounts are available for the existing users of family tree maker. The user must be registered with to avail the offer.

Is the Version of Family tree Maker 2019 available in any other languages?                  Apparently, the edition of FTM 2019 is not available in other languages. However, the team is currently reviewing the possibility of producing the software in localised edit.

How do I move my family tree maker data into a family historian?                                                    In order to move your data from family tree maker to family historian by creating a Gedcom file, after that, you have to create a new project under family historian and then take the option to import the Gedcom file into that, and then select the Gedcom file that you had exported 

How to move ftm 2019 to a new computer?                                                                                      you can do this in many ways but first, you have to create a backup from the existing family tree maker whatsoever version you are using and then after that, you have to shift the data from one computer to the new one and make sure the new computer should have a family tree maker 2019 installed in that and then open up your family tree maker 2019 and select the data of flash drive to move it in this computer and the work is done you had shifted your  new family tree maker in this computer as well  

 How to reinstall FTM 2017?                                                                                                                        it can be done only if you have a downloaded version of that or you have it in a form of USB to reinstall ftm 2017 

How can you transfer all your files from one version of FTM to the latest version of Ftm 2019?                                                                                                                                                                In order to do that you have to create a backup of that particular version first in whatsoever location that you select in your computer and then install the new family tree maker 2019 in that and then when it is properly installed then select the backup from that location where your family tree maker backup is located and just select it, with this way you will get a new version and along with that you will get all your files also moved from the last version to this otherwise contact family tree maker support on +1-888-660-0762

How to change the location of FTM files/trees?                                                                                 Just copy the files which you want to move into your desired location if you are still facing this issue call our support team so that we can help you regarding the same +1-888-660-0762

 How do I download the 2019 companion guide from my pc to save it on my iPad?                     that can be done with the official site of mackiev (link provided) or else please free feel to call us 

How do I find which version I last purchased and can I download it?                                                In a proper of opening up your existing family tree maker, it shows at the very top of that and if you had it in a form of download then check your download it’s mentioned over there also and also on the USB and on DVD version too.

Can I back up my files to a flash drive?                                                                                                Yes sure you can do that (check the above paragraph)

How do I get my FTM program into a new computer                                                                          you can buy it from the official site of mackiev and then simply install it in that computer and if you are facing any issues with that just call our technical support team to help you regarding the same on 1-888-660-0762

How to download ftm 2019 to a new computer?                                                                                    Just open your same email where you got a link to download the family tree maker 2019 on a new computer as well

 How to change the font size ?                                                                                                          That can be done by going on the customize icon 

How to locate FTM Aut backups on the computer?                                                                       Check your documents for the backup files under family tree maker folder 

How do I bookmark FTM on windows 10?                                                                                                  Open up your family tree maker on windows 10 then on the taskbar you must be getting an icon for that just make a right-click on that and select ping on the taskbar it will remain over there once you close family tree maker also 

How to Compact and Back Up a Linked Tree?                                                                                        It can be done automatically with the new version of family tree maker 2019 

What in case I change my computer, and after an upgrade, do I have to install my old FTM copy?                                                                                                                                                          Yes you have to do that.

Is Family Book Creator plugin by Stefan Harms’ compatible with the new versions?                  Yes it is compatible with that version but for more information go to family book creator official site 

Doesn’t my Ancestry tree get full backed up on the server?                                                                     No 

I’ve installed a new Family Tree Software MacKiev version. Should I keep the old version?                                                                                                                                                                                 No, it’s not compulsory to have an older version once you install the new version and saved all your back up files 

How do I print my Family Tree Maker?                                                                                                     In order to do that you have to do to the desired option in family tree maker.

How to login to FamilySearch?                                                                                                                 Just go to an option of family search with the help of family tree maker software landing page 

Is there any family tree maker free available for users?                                                                          No, it’s not free 

How to recover and restore Family Tree in FTM?                                                                            First, you have to install the family tree maker software and then from the location where all your backup is they just locate it in this new family tree maker software 

How to get replacement download for family tree maker 2019?

Replacement can be done only with a certain ways either you go to your email and try to download the family tree maker upgrade from the link which you got on your mail box or get it loaded from the flash-drive or DVD which you had purchased.

How to backup your FTM 2017 file?

In order to create a backup of family tree maker 2017  you have to select the location where you want to install the backup

After that select that particular folder to install the back up at that particular location.

 what are the system requirements for FTM 2017?

 There is no such high configuration required you just need windows 10 with 2 GB of ram in it.

 what is a companion guide for family tree maker?

The companion guide is a book that is provided to all the customer to know more about how family tree software can help them and what are the features of family tree maker software.Everything is there in the guide to know more about it in a detailed manner

 Why Mackiev took money to upgrade the family tree maker 2019?

Because every version is a family tree maker upgrade is paid, you can use the current version for which you had already paid for  

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