Ancestry Family Tree Maker

Ancestry family tree maker is a great way to connect the generations. It is a software through which you can build your family tree. Although Ancestry used to support family tree maker software a few years before.

The software is developed by Ancestry, family tree maker by Ancestry.

In 2016, Ancestry sold family tree maker to Mackiev. Formally known as Family tree maker by Ancestry.

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How to upload an FTM file to

If you want to upload FTM file to, you have to select the FTM file from your computer hard drive and upload to Afterwards, ancestry will check the file and create your tree.

If this method doesn’t work, you can create a GEDCOM file from the family tree maker 2019 software and simply upload it to Ancestry.

How do I print my Ancestry Family Tree Maker?

If you want to print the entire Ancestry Family Tree Maker, here are few steps which you need to follow: –

1: – Visit Ancestry software.

2: – From any page on your Family Tree Maker Ancestry, click the tree tab and then select the tree.

3: – On the left side of the tree, click on either family or pedigree view.

4: – Now, visit the part of the tree which you like to print.

5: – At the top right corner, you will see the option of click print.

6: – At the top left corner, click print

7: – Click ok

By following the instructions mentioned above, you can print the Ancestry Family Tree Maker. Still, if you are not able to print the Ancestry Family Tree Maker then you can contact us.

If you have any question, please contact our family tree maker support number: – +1 860 864-0115.

Syncing Merged Tree from Family Tree Maker to

Maybe as an expert or a beginner, you have started on family tree maker software curious to know about your family origins, about your ancestor information

You may have received a tree as a gift from your family member or if you are already a family tree maker user and want to join up with some other family trees or else just want to rename the Ancestry Family Tree Maker, all will be done by easy and simple ways.

For example, a person name Alex wishes to merge tree with Brandon, Alex can merge and rename as AlexBrandon1 or Alex Brandon tree or AlexmBrandon tree. If the user wishes to sync in their tree to their ancestry, the user will be unable to do so.

We will elaborate on that note, why the user will be unable to sync their ID which they have from Ancestry family tree maker. First of all, the website “” requires the user to create an account and buy their subscription. 

Secondly, there is an essential requirement for a DNA test of the user and subsequently they move further to help you with syncing and provide details in regards to your ancestors. As of now, two diverse trees have been combined, two diverse DNA information uploaded online and registered on by family tree maker, this thing is going to bother the user online tree. 

Now, a false copy (a different tree) ID is generated by online. For example, in case the user ID is [email protected], a new ID will be generated as @@[email protected] and by this creation, the user will be unable to sync in the updated information on their tree online.

The one procedure which is left is to upload the synced tree online, just log on to the record of user’s, rather than updating and changing anything on family tree maker.  

User doesn’t need to worry in case, still unclear about how to sync in their merged tree or requires extra details about the family tree and Just needs to dial our toll-free Ancestry Family Tree Maker support helpline number +1 860 864-0115

Our professional and experienced technician team for family tree maker by as well for family tree maker for all queries and complications with the software to get an easy and quick result. 

The major distinctions between Family tree maker and Ancestry 


The detailed distinctions  between Ancestry and Family tree maker are as follows:

This article covers the topics that are given below:

Website vs. Program

The massive distinction amongst Family tree maker and Ancestry is that Ancestry is a webpage and Family tree maker is software. The Ancestry webpage is an online website similar

to and many more web-page that could be accessed through web browsers such as Mozilla, Internet Explorer or Google chrome to get on the web-page. 

Family tree maker is software that works over the computer system hard disk. The software or applications is something user downloads from an online website or get it through USB and DVD or various other formats to install or run or save into their computer system.

 Subscription vs. Purchase

The user gets the subscription on the websites like Ancestry similar to and Users are charged regularly over a specific period of time until they cancel the subscription similar to in case of a cable connection or daily journal.

Subscribing to the website provides reports on a web-page and various factors such as connecting other people.

The software of the Family tree maker is the same as buying a DVD or a TV. Users don’t need to pay for Family tree maker again and again. However, customers can utilize the Family tree maker program as well as Ancestry subscription for their benefits.

 Online vs. Offline

To access Ancestry user needs to be online or requires a working network connection. Without a network connection, users will be unable to access all the information about their trees as well as their photographs because all these things are stored online over the Ancestry webpage.

In the case of Family tree makers, users are allowed to access any information regarding their tree even without a network connection. But few features will not be there without a network connection, for example, sync or hints or online Web Search. But the user will be allowed to add up details to their Family tree maker easily.

 Books and Charts – MyCanvas vs. Publish

In Ancestry user has restricted powers to print their tree. Users could only print their 4 generations details from the chart that users can look at a profile page or a family group sheet from their house print machine. Users also have the option to print major of the reports.

Users can also have a professional print copy of their tree or a report through Ancestry. MyCanvas will ask for details about the user’s tree to create a book or poster record as per the layout which is also selected by the user, which the user can modifyà. Click here, this website will take to “MY CANVAS” if users want to see more.

Family tree maker comes with various publishing, a range of 37 distinct charts and records with numerous options of modification options. Users can get these charts and records in the form of a book. These Family tree maker books are not developed automatically, but come up with a variety of modification options.

As soon as users have the book, chart or record they require, they can simply print that on their house print machine, or convert their tree project file to a wide range of formats that users may take a professional hard copy print from a shop. Users can click here for the support over generating a book in their Family tree maker.

 Sync Differences

There are some distinctions amongst the user’s tree after Ancestry and user’s Family tree maker are synced together. There is another article describing these distinctions here.

Rare specifications of Family tree maker

There are few major options that are accessible only in Family tree maker: 

Backing up trees 

Backing up the user’s family tree is essential as it holds their family’s origin information as well as shows up hours of grind, and generating consistent backups to safeguards the result of a user’s hard work is one of the prime options in the Family tree maker. Go to the link à here to know a lot more in regards to creating a backup in Family tree maker.

In case, the user’s native or first tree is destroyed or users wish to return to a preceding version, users can get it back from the backup file of the Family tree maker. Go to this link à here to check on what to do for restoring a tree file from a Family tree maker backup. 

Customers can even be more satisfied just by the automatic saving options plugged on; in that case, whenever they exit from their tree program, the program itself will automatically prepare a backup. 

Merging of trees and branches

A rare option in Family tree maker is the power to merge a tree or branch of a tree with another. To know what to do for merging trees in Family tree maker, go to the website.  

Extra print variety

Family tree maker is the only program with a direct web link to Family (CHART MASTERS), the user can get more information by this link here. The user of Family tree maker in Windows are also offered CHARTING COMPANION and FAMILY BOOK CREATOR plug-in, providing user-added benefits to access high-quality printing of a distinct variety of charts, reports, and books. 

A rare group of tools 

Family tree maker has a variety of easy, pragmatic tools that will create easy tree management as well as three distinct variety of calculators (DATE, RELATIONSHIP, AND SOUNDEX), tabs to COMPACT FILES, CONVERT NAMES, SORT CHILDREN BY BIRTH DATE, and more. 

Organization of work

“PLAN” tab will provide workspace which can be organized by the user for generation and management of tasks; this makes the Family tree maker tree making procedure much easier and efficient

Notes creation 

 A user over Ancestry can also attach person notes. Whereas In Family tree maker user can generate various notes such as a person, research, fact, relationship, media, and source citation. Users on uploading a tree on Ancestry, only person notes will be available; and that could only be seen by the by people invited by the user.

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