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Family Tree Maker 2019 Upgrade


Almost all the users are curious about the release for FTM 2019 update; here is the list of queries an FTM 2019 user has.


In case customers are using the previous version of the family tree maker


All those customers who previously owned FTM (2017 edition) are permitted and entitled to have a family tree maker 2019 upgrade.

 Only if users already made their purchase for a previous edition of family tree maker 2017, they have access to family tree maker 2019 upgrade with ease.


Need to Upgrade Family Tree Maker 2019 


As users are getting the option for FTM 2019 upgrade, which they should not miss. As in the situation of family tree maker 2014, Mackiev discontinued upgrading the previous edition of their software. Mackiev discounted Family tree maker 2014 tie-up by ancestry and many users were influenced as none of the users were able to fully utilize the features after the update. Not only the benefits of upgrade features, users are also getting quality discounted rates for purchasing the update. Users may continue using FTM 2017 if they won’t appreciate having the family tree maker 2019 upgrade.

Features family tree maker 2019 upgrade tree vault provide?

TreeVault is offered free in the new edition of the family tree maker 2019 upgrade. Users must use the benefits of the FTM 2019 upgrade.

The feature of TreeVault holds a back-up of their FTM 2019 information and backup data. In case customers misplace their ftm 2019 information. Users in no time with simple steps can restore their family tree maker 2019 data with the help of TreeVault service.

When was the launch for the family tree maker 2019 upgrade?

Over the official web page of Mackiev the family tree maker 2019 upgrade was released on 29 Sep 2019, as a 3rd decade anniversary program. 

For family tree maker support, call on our toll-free number: – +1-888-575-2545.