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Family Tree Maker 2019

Family tree maker 2019 is a software by Mackiev. It is used for making family tree charts. Mackiev has introduced many new advance features in the software. In this article, we have explained some of the question asked by the users of Family tree maker 2019 software purchase, features, how to buy and download etc.

How to Purchase Family Tree Maker 2019?

You have two options. Either you buy the new version of family tree maker 2019 software or you can upgrade old version of software to family tree maker 2019 software.

For more information regarding family tree maker 2019 you can contact us on Family tree maker support number: – +1-888-660-5727

What is the family pack in Family Tree Maker 2019?

New feature in family tree maker 2019 software allows multiple users to use the software. It also allows you to sync it to ancestry in one place at one account.

Earlier MacKiev was charging 20$ for the same service. It is a good offer to buy family tree maker software.

Now, you are getting multiple users in FTM 2019 for free.

These are the additional and optional services provided by FTM 2019, you can also buy Maureen Taylor’s E-book, it helps in keeping images safe.

Note: – Kindly note, we are not hinting to buy or purchase any item. It’s your choice to purchase and you are only responsible for the purchase.

Order Information for the Software

You can remove or add products from the cart as per your convinence. Its your choice to use cart as you wish.

User need to order the FTM 2019 software if you want to get the order information. You will get the download link of family tree maker 2019 software on the mail registered with the account you are using.

Note: – We are the prime support service provider, We are not MacKiev.

For any technical difficulty related to the software, please call FTM 2019 Support Number: +-888-660-5727

Family Tree Maker 2019 features

FTM 2019 is a new software of family tree maker. In this article, we have explained family tree maker 2019 features.

1: – Now every change you make on FTM 2019, you can see it on your Smartphone or tablet. FTM 2019 software gives you the facility to now see your family tree on your Smartphone or tablet.

2: – FTM 2019 comes with a better color coding feature. Now color your family tree in a better way.

3: – Tree browsing (enhanced searched option). Easily browse your tree.

4: – Family tree maker 2019 software comes with a profile picture cropping tool. You can put a person’s picture and crop it. It is easy to identify someone’s profile by just looking at their profile picture.


5: – FamilySearch Integration.

Family tree maker 2019 Important features

1: – Tree Vault Cloud Services: – Mackiev is providing a year of free Tree Vault Cloud Service. In Tree Vault service, you can keep your data safe and online. Now, in case if you lose the data, it can be restored from the Tree Vault Cloud. Get full backup of the data in FTM 2019 software. (Tree Vault Cloud). Tree Vault cloud also helps user to see the tree on a Smartphone or tablet.

2: – Family Tree Maker 2019 Time Machine: – Family tree maker 2019 software introduce a new feature of time machine. Now, user can save the records of the changes which have been made. User can see the changes you have made and when have you made the changes. The time machine feature is only available in the software.

How to fix error in family tree maker 2019?

Here, we have discussed how to fix errors in Family tree maker 2019.

If you have purchased family tree maker 2019 software from MacKiev, then you will recieve a link on mail to download FTM 2019 software. Simply click on the link which will redirect you to the verification center.

Note: You need to fill the same information which has been filled during the pre-booking of FTM 2019. Entering the wrong information will not give you access to the download link. Only providing the right information will help you to get the family tree maker 2019 download link.

What are the errors in Family Tree Maker 2019 software?

1: Whitelabel Error Page – Even if you are entering the right information, the Whitelabel error page occurs.

2: Date & time – You may also get date & time error even after entering the correct information. Make sure the date & time on your system is accurate.

3: This application has no explicit mapping, so you are seeking the fallback.

4: There is a “not found” 404 error

5: Query does not return a unique result

Here are some tips for you which may help you in fixing the errors in FTM 2019.

1: Try using the different computer – Many applications are running in the background which may act as a resistance. Try using a different computer, it may help.

2: Change browser – Change the browser you are using.

3: Antivirus – Disable your antivirus. Antivirus does not allow access to some files. Try disabling your antivirus and then go with the process.

4: Clear browser history – Try clearing your browser history. It may be effective.

If above-mentioned tips does not work for you then you can contact MacKiev. MacKiev provides family tree maker chat support. User can chat with live technician. MacKiev does not provide support over the phone call. It only provide support over chat.

To know more about family tree maker 2019, follow the link.

If you want support over phone call then you can contact us for family tree maker 2019 support. We are available 24×7 and provide live remote. For any kind of support related to family tree maker, call us on our FTM support number: – +1-888-660-5727