Privacy Policy

At we understand your privacy
online. We keep your information secure.

We do not collect any information from the site visitors
without their concern. Personal identifiable information is not collected with
user concern.

What personal Information is collected?

Basic user information from the visitors.

We collect name, address, phone no & address only from
the authorized visitors.

How we use the Personal Information?

We use the personal information to make our service and
offerings more optimized. We may also contact authorized customers to provide
the requested information.

Refund Policy

We at, accept refund at certain

You need to place a refund request for any service or
subscription within the 30 days of purchase. The refund request will be processed
within 8 days from the date of request.

Charges Applicable for Refund Request

If refund request is made within 24 hours, cancellation
charge will not be applied.

If the license version of the family tree maker software is
installed on the device (desktop/laptop) there will be no refund as the
installed software cannot be sold.

If refund request is made with the 15 days of purchasing of
service or subscription, a cancellation charge of 50% is applied.

Refund request after 30 days, no refund will be provided.

How to Request Refund?

You can request refund over our toll free number: –

We don’t refund under following conditions.

Download and unzipping issues

Product not as described

If you face any issue, contact us on +1-888-660-5727.

Terms & Conditions

We don’t have any relation with any company and brand. (We don’t
have any relation with MacKiev, ancestry or any other genealogy software) We
provide online remote service for Family tree maker software.

Our terms & conditions

Our terms & conditions are set for all family tree maker
users without any restrictions from


Should not breach law in any condition

No fraud service is used in any condition

Should not send personal information or unauthorized letters

Should not send inappropriate or harmful data

Do not copy Website data and content

Do not access company details without prior permission

Serious action will be taken in the case of any terms &
conditions compromised or infringed. With zero tolerance policy that harm or
damage the reputation of the company and may led to quick termination of
services or termination

The use
of Properties and proprietary rights for

The contained layouts, design, contact and data on the
website is company property and should not be copied.

Our website is copyrighted and you cannot use our trademark.

You can use properties for noncommercial
or personal use.

You may not use properties if
you are( below 16 years of age)

You may interact with us through ratings, reviews, forums,
comment, question & answer and email communication. The information
submitted by you should not contain any other website links, false information,
harmful computer codes, illegal, hateful, harmful, racist, harassing or threatening.
Any such incident will lead to discontinuous of service. Again we confirm that
the information we collect from you will not pass to any third party.